For many people out there, the idea of jogging outside or going to a gym just doesn’t cut it. Whether it’s too hot or too cold outside or perhaps the gym is loud and you’re surrounded by sweaty people, you might feel that home workout sound so much better. With all the gear conveniently nearby and exercises that are easy to do at any time of the day, working out at home is for some, the only way to keep your body and mind healthy. Don’t forget you can also use chores to work out.

Still, what you’re missing with an at-home workout is the working equipment itself. Sure, you probably have your own basement gym if you’re rich and famous, but for the rest of us, we have to choose items that fit neatly in the average home and are inexpensive enough to make the purchase worthwhile. So, if you like the idea of working out at home but need the right things to get started, here are a few great suggestions.

Resistance bands

One of the cheapest and easily transportable fitness items in the last few years has been that of resistance bands. Coming in various shapes and sizes, resistance bands are essentially latex that is designed to stretch and retract according to your own body strength. Some can be used to work out the arms and back, while others are shaped to be placed around your thighs so you can exercise your quads, knees, ankles, and butt. Packs bought online often come with varying strengths, so you can use one that fits your needs, such as body shaping, injury rebab, weight loss, etc.

Yoga mat

While you can probably get away without a mat for most workouts, if you’re going to be a serious at-home fitness person, then you’ll have to invest in a soft yoga mat. Many types of stretches and exercises involve you lying on the floor or on your hands and knees, and unless your home is carpeted, it’s not going to be a lot of fun on the hard floor. Plus, rolling out the mat prepares your mind for the idea of exercise and helps motivation! Just make sure you get one with a strap so that it’s easy to transport if you go to a class.

Workout clothing

If it’s going to be an especially sweaty workout, then trust us, you’ll want to be wearing the right gear. Pajama bottoms and an oversized cotton T-shirt will both feel snug, but that’s not what you’re going for right now! When it comes to leggings, sports bras, and every other type of activewear in-between, then you can’t go wrong with advice from Who What Wear, as they have excellent tips for fashionable and comfortable clothing that you can work up a sweat in. Plus, they’ll provide some options that aren’t from the big sportswear brands like Nike or Adidas.

Quick tip: as many types of activewear are incredibly bright and colorful, learn how to wash colored clothes in this useful Persil guide so that you don’t end up ruining other clothing when washing your laundry after a heavy workout session.

Weights & more

Many types of workouts are enhanced with the use of dumbbells, as they can help tone muscles and add strength in a way that stretches sometimes cannot. Of course, you can start small with a dumbbell set of 2LB, 3LB, and 5LB so that you have different options and can work your way up slowly. Kettlebells are good for certain types of exercises and there are even weighted bracelets that add a bit of punch to a regular workout, but for beginners, dumbbells are your best bet.

Also, if you have the space in your room, then a skipping rope is a fantastic idea for a great all-over body workout that is actually fun. Of course, you can’t go wrong with your own treadmill or exercise bike at home, but make sure you’re fully committed to at-home fitness before purchasing, as you don’t want this big, expensive thing sitting around collecting dust!

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