Excitement is brewing among fans as the preparations for the wedding celebrations of Aamir Khan’s daughter, Ira Khan, and Nupur Shikhare gain momentum. Following their legal union on January 3, the couple is gearing up for traditional wedding ceremonies scheduled for January 8–10 in Udaipur.On this day, Bollywood icon Aamir Khan was seen at the airport, accompanied by his younger son Azad, as they embarked on their journey to join the celebrations in Udaipur.
The father-son duo, Aamir and Azad, were spotted donning their distinctive styles. Aamir Khan, renowned for his versatility both on and off-screen, sported a vibrant red kurta, elegantly paired with white trousers. Meanwhile, Azad exuded charm in a sleek black T-shirt and matching pants.
Reports suggest that after completing the legal formalities, the family is set to partake in the grand traditional wedding events hosted in Udaipur. Fans and media have been eagerly anticipating glimpses of this celebrated union, and Aamir Khan’s departure with his son Azad further fuels the excitement surrounding the upcoming nuptials.
Ira Khan, the daughter of the iconic actor and filmmaker Aamir Khan, and her beau, Nupur Shikhare, have been the subject of much attention since their announcement. The legal marriage on January 3 marked the beginning of their journey, leading up to the upcoming wedding ceremonies that are poised to be a grand affair.

Imran Khan Introduces Rumored GF Lekha Washington to His Family at Ira Khan-Nupur Shikhare’s Wedding

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