Abhishek Bachchan starrer ‘Ghoomer‘ has now released on OTT on November 10 on Zee5. The film directed by R Balki had released in cinemas on August 18 and got a lot of critical acclaim. It sees Abhishek playing the role of a coach (Paddy sir) to Saiyami Kher who plays Anina. The film revolves around Anina’s character who loses her right arm and Paddy sir then trains her ruthlessly to be a left-arm spinner.
As the film has released on OTT and garnering immense love, Abhishek speaks about the challenges of his character.”The character was immensely complext and challenging. But if I have to push me to choose that one thing— I think it would have to be the alcohol. I mean, I didn’t touch a drop of alcohol throughout the making of it. So, a lot of actors I’ve heard like to sometimes drink and do drunk scenes because it just helps with the realism of it. But it was very clear that I didn’t want to do that. Partly because when I spoke to Balki, I said, ‘You know, for an alcoholic, they’re at their most lucid when they have alcohol inside them; they’re actually out of sorts when they don’t have alcohol.’ So I said, let’s play Paddy the opposite. Let’s play like he’s most in control of his faculties. He’s at his most lucid and clear when he’s drunk; when he’s sober, he’s all over the place, and he does not handle himself, which is kind of what we do to try to portray when we’re playing a drunk scene— we’re out of control. You know, we slur; we’ve lost control of our body movements and stuff like that. We attempted to do the opposite, saying that he’s actually most in control when he’s drunk because that is his normal state. His abnormal state is when he’s sober. So we tried to flip it, and that was, I think, a big challenge for me.”
Abhishek also got a lot of praise for a monologue he did as an alcoholic in the movie. In its core, ‘Ghoomer’ is a film about the triumph of human spirit, says the actor. “Since humans share the same essence, I believe most sports films turn out to be inspirational. The unique aspect of Ghoomer is that it revolves around being handicapped, particularly featuring an able woman cricketer who loses her arm but still manages to work and train in a skill of hers. This dedication enables her to represent the country once again. So, I think that’s it. That’s the best way I can answer that.”
‘Ghoomer’ also had a cameo from the late Bishan Singh Bedi. The film also stars Shabana Azmi.

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