Dale was ecstatic. Patricia, devoted wife that she was, had decided to walk with him through the aftermath of the Zombie Apocalypse. If he still had a heart, it would be full. Still, there was a nagging feeling in the pit of his stomach. Something simply wasn’t right.

Without warning, wet warmth flooded the seat of his tattered jeans, followed by the sensation of long, slimy masses of tissue sliding down and out the legs.

Noticing a change in Dale’s expression, Patricia asked, “What’s wrong, Dear?”

Though Dale sincerely wanted to tell her, he no longer had the guts.


Author’s Note: This is an episode of an “unintentional” series that was fueled by the comments on the original microfiction story. To read the original and the rest of the series, start here. To read the next episode, click here. This episode was inspired by a comment from author R M Stockton. Please do me a favor and check out his creative works below. It’s very much worth it!

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