Agastya Nanda recently made his debut with ‘The Archies‘. But, prior to his breakout role, his appearance was unfamiliar to many in the industry. The young actor shared a humorous incident from his pre-debut days when he visited a filmmaker’s office for meetings.
During one encounter, Agastya recounted how a security guard mistook him for a delivery boy, instructing him to write down his name and the package delivery time.Amused, Agastya clarified that he was there to meet the director, facing skepticism from the guard. He attributed these misunderstandings to his absence from social media.
In another instance, despite having an appointment with a filmmaker, Agastya overheard two people discussing his absence after waiting inside the office for 45 minutes. Only then did he have to flag his presence, emphasizing that his lack of recognition could be traced back to his upbringing away from the limelight in Delhi with his businessman father, despite being Amitabh Bachchan‘s maternal grandson.
Agastya recently made his Instagram debut, and his post garnered warm welcomes from family and friends in the industry. Suhana Khan, rumored to be his girlfriend, greeted him with a “Welcome” and a smiling face with heart-eyes emoji. Gauri Khan and Abhishek Bachchan also extended their greetings, marking Agastya’s entry into the social media realm.
The budding actor’s upcoming project includes sharing the screen with Dharmendra in the film Ekkis, directed by Sriram Raghavan, set to release on January 10, 2025.

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