Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor are fiercely possessive about their daughter Raha. The couple has put in much effort to keep her away from the limelight.
During her appearance on Koffee with Karanseason 8, Alia spoke about getting upset after Raha’s picture was leaked. While speaking about mom’s WhatsApp group, Karan revealed how Alia reacted strongly after someone nearly saw Raha’s photo in public.The actress revealed that she was shooting for the first time after giving birth and that it was a difficult time, “It takes really long for your body to bounce back. I was not sleeping at night, I was feeding, and rushing in between shoots. So, I remember callingRanbir and saying ‘Listen, I’m finding it very difficult’. So, he pushed his work and said, ‘Do not worry. I’m going to come pick her up. I’m going to take her. I’ve pushed my work. She’ll be with me’. Alia said that the separation from her baby made her feel guilty, which is why she broke down. “So, that guilt carried on and one and a half days later when I traveled back, I saw a photo where the side of her face was visible and I just broke down,” explained the actress.
Speaking about being a protective parent, Alia further added, “Honestly, we’re proud of our baby. But it’s just like there were too many emotions put together and I’m so protective of my loved ones that I felt like, ‘Oh God! I don’t want that conversation’. But I realized that I was just exhausted and overwhelmed at that time.”
During the conversation, Alia also spoke about comments that tagged Ranbir Kapoor as a toxic man and shared, “There are many issues in the world to talk about and give more attention towards than talking about something that I said in a completely different context. I think the only reason I felt bad or I feel bad is people misunderstand (him) because he’s genuinely the opposite of all of that.”

Kareena Kapoor Khan advises Alia Bhatt to have another baby as a solution to her fight with actor-husband Ranbir Kapoor

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