Alka Yagnik recently recalled working with the legendary AR Rahman for the first time for Subhash Ghai‘s ‘Taal‘. The singer revealed that the director and she waited for almost five hours for him to turn up.
Speaking to O2 India, Alka mentioned that she received a call around 9 in the evening, but until midnight, neither AR Rahman nor anyone else had arrived.Recollecting the incident, she vividly described how she and Subhash passed the time sitting on swings and enduring mosquito bites.

Later that night, around 1 am or 2 am, Alka Yagnik voiced her concern to Subhash, expressing that her voice might not cooperate. Subhash reassured her, mentioning, “It’s okay. Hang in there.” AR Rahman eventually arrived a little after 2 am.

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A bit past 2 am, he arrived, appearing completely refreshed as if he had just awakened. Alka and Subhash, both feeling fatigued, noticed his arrival. AR Rahman, a man of few words, consistently wore a gentle smile. Alka Yagnik often found something divine in his face, and whenever he looked at her, she experienced a sense of calm and tranquility. The singer, who contributed to three songs in the film, namely ‘Kariye Naa,’ ‘Ramta Jogi,’ and ‘Taal Se Taal,’ shared her observations about Rahman’s serene and soothing vibes.
Describing Rahman’s work approach, Alka Yagnik explained that he prefers to piece the song together. If she sang a particular portion two or three times, he would continue to have her sing until satisfied. He would then direct her to perform the antra. Rahman would gather various components such as alaaps and music, and later, he would meticulously assemble the song. According to Alka, the culmination of this process occurred around 4 in the morning, signifying the completion of their work.

As she became familiar with Rahman’s approach to work, Alka found herself enjoying it. She noted that completing the song under his direction was particularly satisfying. According to her, the absence of disturbances like phone calls or interruptions from others made that time the ideal moment for recording. In the studio, it was just Alka, AR Rahman, and Subhash ji, creating a serene and fulfilling atmosphere.
Following that experience, Alka Yagnik discovered that whenever she collaborated with AR Rahman, the work sessions would likely take place at night. Despite the unconventional timing, she came to enjoy it, understanding the appeal of working in the stillness of the night, away from distractions and disconnected from the rest of the world.

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