Ananya Panday is riding high on the success of her latest film, ‘Kho Gaye Hum Kahan.’ The actress, who played the role of Ahana, a young woman navigating love and life in the digital age, has garnered significant praise. In her recent Instagram post sharing pictures from her New Year vacation in London, Ananya included a reflective note on the lessons she learned from Ahana, shaping her resolutions for 2024.

Sharing the pictures Ananya wrote, “Happpy new year!!!!

I know I’m slightly late but like Ahana said at the end of ‘Kho Gaye Hum Kahan’ – it was time for a reboot and a couple of resolutions

every year we try to change ourselves but this year I hope you can be completely yourself

Previously, a picture circulated on Reddit, showcasing the actress enjoying a vacation in London with beau Aditya Roy Kapur.The image captured the couple at an ice skating rink. Ananya was seen in a black trench coat paired with wide-legged pants and a high-neck sweater, while Aditya chose jeans, a black puffer jacket, and a grey beanie. Both donned blue ice skates, standing on the rink, creating a buzz on social media.The couple were recently spotted exiting the Mumbai airport after their arrival from London, but the duo avoided getting clicked together.

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