Hrithik Roshan will be sharing screen space with Anil Kapoor for the first time in ‘Fighter‘. But did you know that Hrithik has been an assistant director before he started out his career on films of his father Rakesh Roshan which starred Anil? Rakesh Roshan has directed Kapoor in movies like ‘Khel’ and ‘Karobaar’.
Both Hrithik and Anil, along with Deepika Padukone and director Siddharth Anand interacted with the media ahead of the release of ‘Fighter’.During this interaction, Hrithik recalled the time when he grew up learning from Anil while seeing him on the set. The actor revealed that he’s been a huge inspiration to him and Anil is largely responsible for making Hrithik the kind of dedicated and involved actor that he is.
Hrithik further recalled a moment during the set of ‘Fighter’ and said that there was a scene of Anil in the movie and when Hrithik saw it, he realised the amount of effort that must have gone into it. Hrithik also expressed that Anil had given a whole new emotional turn to it and that set the bar for the whole film. “When I gave that compliment to him as to how well he’s done the scene and his effort can be seen, his eyes welled up. When he is getting to hear that he has done well, he had tears in his eyes. This is after four decades of doing what he does and still to have the power to give so much into a scene. That day I again turned into an assistant and I just watched him and learnt.”

This made Anil break down into tears and he was also all praise for Hrithik saying that he’s not worked with any actor who is so generous! ‘Fighter’ is set to release on January 25.

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