Sandeep Reddy Vanga‘s directorial ‘Animal’ has been the talk of the town ever since the movie released on December 1. While it’s proven to be the biggest hit of the year box office wise, it got its fair share of criticism. Meanwhile, the audience cannot stop talking about the actors in the movie. Somehow, every actor in the movie, irrespective of the legnth of the role, has gotten noticed. Apart from Ranbir Kapoor who has taken away the cake, netizens cannot stop gushing over Bobby Deol and Triptii Dimri after watching the film.
But the producer of ‘Animal’, Sandeep’s brother, Pranay Reddy Vanga feels that Rashmika Mandanna did not get the acknowledgement which she deserved for ‘Animal’. Rashmika played Ranbir’s wife Geetanjali in the movie but from what it looks like, Triptii has completely overshadowed Rashmika. Pranay spoke about it during an interaction with iDream Media as he addressed the issues with some feminists had with it. He said that Geetanjali was a very powerful character and yet people want to make an issue.
He furthe radded that Rashmika did a great job in the film and stood on her own with RK’s performance. He added that she’s one of the top three actors. He felt that Rashmika’s role was best after RK even though screen time wise it was Ranbir. Pranay also added that after Ranbir and Bobby Deol, Rashmika should have been spoken about.
He added that Triptii got a lot of fame from the film but none of the media in Mumbai are writing much about Rashmika. Pranay said that maybe it’s the PR agencies doing the job for Triptii, while it may not be very evident but if you see through those lines and all the articles, one will understand. However, he added that Triptii did a good job in the movie and her role was also like that which got her attention, but Rashmika’s role was the best after Ranbir.
Triptii indeed got more fame overnight after ‘Animal’ and she rose to fame to the extent that she’s been called the National crush. Earlier, that tag was used for Rashmika.

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