Daily high temperatures will struggle to get above zero in many parts of the central United States through the holiday weekend. Overnight lows will be even more frigid.

An Arctic air mass plunging south out of Canada will deliver the coldest air of the season so far across much of the country. Temperatures dropped to minus 20 or lower across portions of the Midwest and Upper Plains early Friday, and the cold air is forecast to spread into the Deep South through the weekend, bringing freezing temperatures.

It won’t be quite as cold, however, in major Northeast cities, including New York.

Temperatures will remain below zero across the Northern Plains into early next week, with highs only into the single digits for the Central Plains by Saturday. Some places may see daily record lows on Saturday morning — as low as minus 40.

Des Moines is expected to reach a high of minus 5 on Sunday and minus 3 on Monday, when the state’s presidential caucuses are set to be held. And during a windy Kansas City Chiefs game against the Miami Dolphins on Saturday night, it could feel as cold as minus 35 on the field.

Widespread, gusty winds will make it even more dangerous to be outside. Wind chill can make it feel considerably colder than the air temperature and lead to frostbite in a matter of minutes.

By Monday, hundreds of daily cold records could be broken as the Arctic air dives south, bringing freezing temperatures near the Gulf Coast. Early next week, along the edge of the cold air mass, snow or ice could fall across the South and in the Mid Atlantic, but the forecast remained uncertain on Friday.

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