Are you in perimenopause?

Proactive Perimenopause


When your period starts to do wonky things, or you start waking up drenched with sweat in the night, wondering if you were trying to run a marathon in your sleep, then maybe you’re also wondering if you’re starting to go through menopause. This is such an important thing to ask NOW and figure out, because if you’re going through this season that mean’s it’s not over. And if it’s not over that means you still have time to improve your journey.

Do any of these fit you?

  • I am between the ages of 35 and 50 years old-ish.
  • My periods are different, and they’re coming at various times.
  • I get really warm and sweaty sometimes, and I wonder if I’m having hot flashes.
  • My moods are really up and down, and I’m angry a lot.
  • I’m having trouble sleeping.
  • My libido is high one day and low the next… or gone completely.
  • I need more lubrication, and intimacy feels different, uncomfortable, or even painful.
  • My menstrual cramps are worse.
  • I workout the same amount, but my body isn’t responding the same.
  • My weight has gone up unexplainably.
  • I eat the same food, but my scale acts like I’m eating more than normal.
  • My cravings for everything (EVERYTHING) have changed.
  • I feel like I digest food differently, and I get constipated and/or bloated more easily.
  • My energy levels feel lower than normal.
  • I wake up all sweaty in the night sometimes.
  • My bladder control has worsened even though I do kegels and exercise.
  • I want to exercise more, but I have zero motivation, and it stresses me out.
  • My skin feels thinner like crepe paper, and I notice new wrinkles all the time.
  • I get injured more easily and find bruises I don’t remember getting.
  • My hair is thinner, and I feel like I’m losing it all the time.

Congratulations, you’re (very likely) perimenopausal!

If more than 3 or 4 of the things on that list resonated with you, and you’re a female between the ages of 35 and 50 years old AND you still have your period – regularly or even occasionally – then welcome to “The Change.”

Maybe you thought menopause would start overnight. Perhaps you were told that your period would quit one day, and then the night sweats and hot flashes would kick in, and your hair would turn grey. Maybe you figured that if you’re still having kids, you’re exempt for now. Yeah, it doesn’t actually work that way, but you can be super grateful that gearing up (or is it down?) to menopause is a drawn out process that we can manage with solid, simple strategies that improve all our symptoms and systems while also raising our quality of life!


I was 31 with two little ones when I launched Fit2B in 2010. Now, I’m in my 40’s with two teenagers. My body has changed right along with my kids, and I’m here with 8 other experienced women to change your experience with “The Change.”

The longer I work as a core fitness specialist serving women recovering from childbirth, surgery, abdominal trauma and more, the more I realize that most females have been sold a pack of lies about postpartum recovery, perimenopause, and menopause.

The world literally teaches us that we are meant to fall apart. We’re not.

Every single perimenopausal symptom we might experience from painful periods to night sweats to mood swings to full menopause is MANAGEABLE with nutrition, lifestyle changes, exercise strategies, physical therapy, and hormone support.

My fellow course contributors and I are offering you a ton of top-notch tools and information that will open your eyes to the lies you’ve been sold and some solid truths about how you can change your symptoms of menopause during this 3rd age of your life.This course will teach you what kind of exercise is best.

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