Here is the thing: Because I am now a mom, the typical thing that is said in Hispanic families is that it is not appropriate to wear clothes that make you look slutty. Being a mom, it looks weird for me to be wearing matching outfits such as a crop top with shorts, or flare pants with a form-fitted shirt. My sister-in-law would say to me that if I was still single and not a mom, I could dress in outfits that one would normally wear at a club and honestly I didn’t like that mindset. I didn’t like feeling like being a mom meant that I don’t deserve to glow.

I want to clarify this: You can be a mom and not have to dress in a boring style. I want to be the mom that looks good and doesn’t feel old. I think what matters most is being a caring and responsible mom and at the same time giving yourself self care. I ordered cute outfits from Shein and showed them to two of my closest friends and they loved them on me. One thing I talked about with my best friend was that I wanted to change my style a bit and feel confident. While I like the casual style, I wanted to go for a style that would make me stand out or at least make me feel like I am blooming.

Over these couple weeks, these are the outfits that I wore when going out. I will only share a few! I also want to make it clear that being a mom should not make you feel like your life is over. In my experience, I love my daughter with all my heart and she is my happiness, and despite being a mom, I don’t like feeling like that is all I’m good for. My change in style is just an example of me demonstrating that I am ignoring the mindset of others in Hispanic culture which is that being a mom means I need to look dull.

This first outfit is a crop top with flare pants. Have you ever been through a stage in your life where you change your mindset on certain fashion styles? That is basically me, in the past I would be all about skinny jeans, I thought flare pants or flare jeans just didn’t look good. However now, I prefer these types of pants over skinny jeans. Although I don’t have a flat stomach, I still felt really cute in this outfit.

SHEIN EZwear Ribbed Knit Crop Top & Flare Leg Pants
SHEIN EZwear Ribbed Knit Crop Top & Flare Leg Pant

Let me just say: the last time I wore a romper was when I was 12 years old, and at that time I felt confident in whatever I wore because back then I was skinny, however as time passes, changes in the body occur. I always used to see girls wearing rompers and they looked amazing because of their flat stomach. I don’t have a flat stomach but I decided to go ahead and get a romper. I have to say I wasn’t disappointed at all. I walked with my head held up that day.

Romper from Shein
Romper from Shein

I’m really happy that I wasn’t hesitant on wearing this outfit. It is clear that I don’t have a flat stomach, but honestly, I felt so incredibly hot! This outfit made me feel like I was glowing.

2 piece set from Shein

I bought these red pants at Ross Stores! Apart from getting the red pants I wanted a matching color, so I got a simple green shirt as well. Let me just say I loved the art design of these pants!

Clothes from Ross

I feel that when it comes to outfits, they should not instantly define us. If I wear a short skirt it does not imply I crave attention from men, and I genuinely believe that becoming a mom shouldn’t make us believe that we can’t stand out.

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