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Mahatma Buddha, Lord Buddha, Gautam Buddha or Siddhartha Gautam, was the founder of Buddhism. He was born in the 6th or 5th century BC in a place called Lumbini in northern India, off the coast of Nepal-India. After Siddhartha’s birth, his father Shuddhodhana attempted to give him a virtuous life to save him from all suffering. But Siddhartha decided to go deeper in search of a solution to his suffering.

With a very generous mind and heart, he left his companions and chose the path of penance. After a process of many thoughts and meditation, he attained Bodhi i.e. enlightenment. He decided to share his acquired knowledge with the society and established the principles he preached on a religious basis.

The main objective of his teachings was to show the path to freedom from suffering and attaining strength. He realized the four great truths: suffering, the causes of suffering, the path to freedom from suffering, and the actions necessary for liberation. He paved the way for surrender, mercy, and compassion.

His disciples Mahakasyap, Anand, Shariputra, Maudgalyayan, Rahul, Anand are considered prominent. He founded Sangha, Sangha, and Dharma Chakra. After his death, his disciples took up the task of carrying forward his teachings.

Sermon of Mahatma Buddha.

The life of Mahatma Buddha is a unique example, which promotes the importance of surrender and self-knowledge to achieve the true goal of life. His life and his teachings are an indomitable religious and spiritual role model for the entire humanity. Once Buddha was giving a sermon somewhere. Concluding his sermon, he finally said, wake up, time is running out. After the meeting was over, he said to his favorite disciple Anand, let us travel a little distance and come back. Anand went with Buddha. They had just reached the main gate of the monastery when they stopped and stood at one side. People were coming out one by one to listen to the sermon, so it had become quite crowded. Suddenly a woman came out of it and came to meet Gautam Buddha. He said, Tathagata, I am a dancer. Today my dance program was already fixed at the house of Shresthi of the city, but I had forgotten about it. You said, time is running out, so I immediately remembered this. Thank you Tathagata!

After that a dacoit came towards Buddha. He said, Tathagata, I will not hide anything from you. I had forgotten that today I had to go to a place to commit a robbery but as soon as I heard the sermon, I remembered my plan. Thank you very much!

After he left, an old man walking slowly came to Buddha. The old man said, Tathagata! Kept running after worldly things throughout his life. Now the day of facing death is getting closer, then I feel that my whole life has become useless. Your words opened my eyes today. From today I want to leave all my worldly attachments and strive for Nirvana. When everyone left, Buddha said, Look Anand! I gave the same sermon, but someone interpreted it differently. The more money a person has, the more donations he gets. To attain Nirvana also the bag of mind has to be worthy of it. For this it is very important to have pure mind. Buddha, Mango and Children

Gautam Buddha was resting in a garden. Then a group of children came and started making the mangoes fall by pelting stones at the tree. A stone hit Buddha’s head and blood started flowing from it. Buddha had tears in his eyes. When the children saw it they got scared. They felt that now Buddha would say good and bad to them. The children held his feet and started apologizing to him. One of the children said,

‘We have made a big mistake. Because of me you felt stoned and you shed tears.

On this Buddha said, ‘Children, I am sad because when you threw a stone at the mango tree, the tree gave you sweet fruits in return, but by hitting me, I could only give you fear.

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