Renowned as the glam goddess of Bollywood in the 50s and 60s, Helen is celebrating her 85th birthday today. Known for her captivating dance moves, she was not only a trailblazer in her profession, but also a trendsetter known for donning colorful wigs, contact lenses, and daring outfits ahead of her time.

Amid her professional success, Helen faced personal challenges when she began dating writer Salim Khan, who was married to Salma Khan at the time, with children Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Sohail Khan, and Alvira Khan.

Despite the initial turmoil, Helen andSalim Khan eventually got married in 1981 and adopted Arpita, forming a close-knit family.
Celebrating every occasion together, the family now shares a warm bond. However, Helen’s journey with Salma has been marked by challenges. On Helen’s birthday, let’s revisit a moment when she candidly shared about respecting Salma Khan during her relationship with Salim Khan.

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During an episode of Arbaaz Khan’s chat show “The Invincibles,” Helen revealed how she used to discreetly hide from Salma Khan out of respect. She recounted, “In the beginning, what I used to do, you know when I used to pass Bandstand, and I would know sometimes Mummy [Salma] is standing in the balcony, I would duck right down so she would not see me and think that the car would be empty near your house. I used to keep her respect so much.”
Arbaaz added that over time, the family dynamics have evolved, and now Salma questions Helen if she misses a family event.

Helen also spoke about the transformation of her relationship with Salim Khan from a professional association to an emotional connection. She shared, “In those days, he must have heard of me going through a lot of court cases and all that because of that he gave me a role in Imaandaar, Dostana, Don, and then we became friends. I used to come over; mommy (Salma) was very nice.”

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