BTS‘s Jungkook continues to make waves in the global music scene as he secures a groundbreaking achievement on the Official Albums Chart in the United Kingdom. On December 22 local time, the Official Charts, often considered the UK equivalent of Billboard’s U.S. charts, revealed that Jungkook’s solo debut album, ‘GOLDEN’, has maintained its position for an impressive seventh consecutive week.Originally debuting at an impressive No. 3, the album remained robust at No. 84 for the week of December 21 to 27.

This accomplishment marks a historic moment for Jungkook, establishing him as the first Korean solo artist to chart an album for seven weeks on the prestigious Official Albums Chart in the United Kingdom.
Notably, Jungkook’s title track from the album, ‘Standing Next to You’, showcased its enduring popularity by making a comeback on the Official Singles Chart. In its seventh consecutive week on the chart, the hit song, which initially debuted at No. 6 the previous month, climbed to No. 88.

Jungkook’s remarkable feat on the UK charts is a testament to his global influence and the fervent support of fans worldwide. The achievement not only adds another milestone to BTS’s illustrious career but also solidifies Jungkook’s status as a solo artist capable of making a significant impact on the international music scene.

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