BTS member V, also known as Kim Tae-hyung, successfully concluded five-week of basic military training at the Nonsan Training Center last week. His outstanding performance earned him the distinction of being one of the six ‘elite trainees’ selected from a pool of 200 recruits.
Following the completion of his training reports state that V moved on to the next phase of his military service by heading to the Army General Administration School.Reports on AllKPop confirm that the star is set to undergo specialized training with the Counterterrorism Unit (SDT). This is believed to reflect on the singer’s commitment to fulfilling his service in a high-stakes capacity.

BTS ARMY took to social media to express their unwavering support by putting up banners and posters congratulating the star for his achievements and wishing him the best on this new chapter. As part of the SDT, V will reportedly have to endure an additional three weeks of rigorous training. This course is renowned for its difficulty and many candidates are known to withdraw midway.

The intensive training sessions for the Counterterrorism Unit extend late into the night and cover a range of skills, including automatic target live ammunition, rappelling, preliminary rifle instruction, close-quarters battle, and military police duties. Expert guidance from various military branches aims to equip trainees not only with combat skills but also strong leadership abilities.

However, it will not be all work and no play for V. Reports state that the star is expected to enjoy increased freedom and perks during his training. He will have his allotted free time, and access to phone usage, television, and other amenities.

Currently, all seven members of BTS are fulfilling their mandatory military service in South Korea. Jin and J-Hope, the first two members to initiate and complete their basic training, are expected to be discharged in June and October this year, respectively.
Suga, who is serving as a social service worker due to a past shoulder surgery, is expected to be discharged from duty in June 2025. Jimin, Jungkook, RM, and V are also slated for discharge in June 2025.

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