Swini Khara, best known for her role in Amitabh Bachchan starrer Cheeni Kum, has tied the knot with her boyfriend and engineer Urvish Desai in an intimate ceremony in Jaipur on December 26. The 24-year-old former child star recently opened up about her dreamy destination wedding in Jaipur, which was nothing short of perfect.
She told Hindustan Times that she met the perfect person who she thought would be the best person to spend her life with. She said that they met through a common friend and took their time to get to know each other. She added that it was more or less arranged by their families but they did have a good amount of time before they got married, it just felt right.
“We got a good vibe from each other and even our families. If it fits right, works right and you have a good feeling about it, then you should not wait and go get married,” Swini said, adding that they both meticulously adhered to cultural and personal traditions, hailing from Gujaratis and Jains.
She further said that they were fully involved with their values and traditions during their destination wedding and they made sure that everything was followed properly, right from the engagement to Ganesh sthapna.

Watch Swini Khara take us through her wedding functions in Jaipur

Swini said that she got married to Urvish in a resort in Jaipur because they wanted all their family and friends to be at the same place together. “One of the best things about attending any wedding is meeting everyone whom you haven’t met since a very long time. You sit, laugh and play games together,” she added.

Recalling her magical moment of her big day, Swini said, “The most memorable moment from the wedding day has to be the varmaala. When we were walking down the stairs of the palace, we kept looking at each other constantly, and it gave both of us a lot of comfort, I remember that very clearly.”

Swini and Urvish are currently on their honeymoon in Spain. She said that they are all over the moon and taking it one day at a time. She also added that seeing a whole different side of each other has been beautiful. She flew to Spain the next day they had their reception after returning to Mumbai. They attended the Puerta del Sol, the New Year’s celebration at the main Madrid Square and it was like a dream to the newlyweds.

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