Child’s play Boy and the man

In an open grove there sat a man and a boy,

The man stood up and set down his toys.

where are you going? asked the boy.

Man:I am a man and no longer play with toys.

So off the man strode in to the world,

up over a hill and far out of sight of the grove .

After walking for some time, the path became

dusty and unclear. So he took the side road and stopped for a beer.

Time gave to time and that time turned in to years .

Man:Well about time I got out of here.

Back on to the path which he assured himself he knew so well.

In to a town he walked. Up past a windowsill,

there smiled a woman, so beautifully she said; her name was Michelle.

Woman:Come in handsome stranger, stay for awhile.

Time gave to time and that time turn in to years.

Man:Well about time I got out of here.

Walking long and far a way from his shame,

He said to himself:I grow tired of this walking game.

But on ward he venture in to a field .There he found many men,

who were working .One man handed him a shovel “here young

man let stir up some trouble!”

So they began to dig many trenches, with a rife in the other hand

they took their defenses .

Time gave to time and those left, came to their senses……

Man: here now I lay, in my dying breath…

With my best intentions I fought like the rest.

So far from the grove now, he cried: for surly I am lost .

Then came a voice: please wipe your tears, come play with

me .

The man looked around in fear, to his surprise; there stood the boy!

Man: where did you come from?

Boy: I was always right here .

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