Actress Khushi Kapoor, who had a remarkable 2023 with her acting debut in The Archies and her first magazine cover, is embracing the festive spirit of Christmas. Sharing adorable pictures on Instagram, she expressed her Christmas wish for cuddles. Reflecting on her Christmas traditions, Khushi shared memories of enjoying a lot of food and emphasized the significance of spending time with family and friends.This year, the Kapoor family is putting up a Christmas tree, creating a festive atmosphere in their new home.

Khushi described her Christmas ritual, highlighting the importance of a lunch or dinner with friends. For this year, her plan includes baking cookies at home, donning fun Christmas pajamas, and enjoying a cozy time with loved ones. When asked about her wish for the upcoming year, Khushi expressed contentment with her current journey and a desire to keep working and growing in her career.

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After the success of her portrayal of Betty Cooper in The Archies, Khushi Kapoor is celebrating the holiday season with joy and gratitude. Wishing her a very Merry Christmas and continued success in the coming year!

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