Home Sweet Home


Cinderella couldn’t believe her eyes, those mice again! She had only been away for a couple of days and her stepsisters had still left their dirty dishes in the sink with leftover food!

That’s enough, she had to get the poison, for the rats not for the stepsisters…although…

no no, she couldn’t come to that.

If only the silly girls left the house once in a while, she could go about renovating and cleaning in peace.

Since her father had died, Cinderella had inherited the house, but at the same time she had to take care of her stepmother and her two stepsisters.

An impossible task! They were sloppy, dirty, lazy. Always hanging around the house… and they weren’t even afraid of mice!

While she was washing the dishes, someone rang at the door. Cinderella went to open it with the towel still in her hand. On her doorstep was a handsome, elegant-looking man.

“Hello, are you the owner?”

“Yes, I am”

“Hi, my name is Jonathan Prince I’m a real estate agent, the house is very nice, I was wondering if you plans to sell it.”

“Oh see, I’m renovating it, and I’d like to list the extra rooms on Airbnb”.

“I understand, but if you sold the house you could earn much more and buy two smaller houses, one to live in and one to rent”.

“Your proposal is very interesting Mr. Prince, but I also have another problem because before selling I would have to kick out some roommates…”

“I understand, however I’ll leave you my business card. Good day.”

The elegant man went away. Cinderella went back to washing the dishes and found two mice strolling peacefully in the pantry. No, she couldn’t live like that! If she didn’t get rid of the rats she couldn’t even rent!

The day passed and the evening came. Cinderella prepared a nice dinner and invited her sisters and stepmother to come downstairs. They ate heartily but were a little suspicious.

“Why are you so nice today?” she asked one of them.

“We are a family” she replied Cinderella, “you are always locked in the room, I wanted to do something kind for you”

“You are kind dear,” the stepmother replied.

“Besides we have a problem” continued Cinderella “we are running out of money, we are surrounded by mice and the house is falling apart! So, my plan is to rent out the rooms. Either we undertake to clean and renovate it ourselves, or we will be forced to sell the whole house and for little money because it is a shack anyway”.

“My daughters forced to work? No way!” the stepmother answered angrily. “The Grand Ball will be coming soon and the girls will surely meet a man to marry. Tomorrow we will go to the seamstress to have our clothes made!”

“No, we need that money!” protested Cinderella.

“Don’t be boring!” answered one of the sisters, as all three left the room.

Cinderella didn’t know what to do, the stupid ones would have wasted their last money for nothing.

It was already dark and as she strolled in the garden to clear her mind lightning struck right in front of her.

Taken by surprise she had to cover her face, but the lightning did no harm. Instead, a beautiful woman appeared in a golden dress.

“Hi Cinderella, I’m your fairy godmother”


“The fairy godmother! I’m here to get you ready for the ball”

“I’m not going to any ball”

“Certainly not dressed like that, ahaha”

Cinderella looked around, but who was the crazy lady?

“So girl, we need a nice pumpkin”.

“A pumpkin?”

“Yes a nice pumpkin to turn it into a carriage”.

“There are no pumpkins, it’s August, I think there’s a melon over there”

“Oh well even better! Now we need some mice”

“Oh yes, as many as you want!” Exclaimed Cinderella.

The fairy waved her wand and six mice ran to her feet.

“So dear”, continued the fairy, “what color do you want the dress?”

“Wait! What is all this for?”

“To send you to the ball, meet the prince bla bla bla, you know that right?”

“No I don’t know, but… do I have to pay for all this?”

“Of course not”, replied the fairy, “of course you are stunned!”

Cinderella ran upstairs and called her stepsisters and stepmother.

“Tomorrow you can go to the ball, I found the dresses!” cried Cinderella.

The three women ran down, got their new clothes and a melon-shaped carriage, the mice were transformed into horses. The next night they would leave at 8 p.m. and be back before midnight.

Cinderella had a few hours to implement her plan. While the women were talking to the fairy, she was phoning Mr. Prince. Appointment tomorrow evening at 8.15 p.m.

The night of the ball arrived, the three women left happy with their glass shoes. They danced all evening, ate delicious food, drank excellent champagne and met rich men. At exactly midnight they ran away, not without tripping on the steps. One lost her shoe, another her hair clip, another her cell phone.

They finally arrived home, their clothes now worn out, the melon-carriage all rotten and the horses were mice again.

The house was strange. Even in the dark, they could see that the porch had been painted over and there was a pile of stuff beside the gate. Once they were next to it, they realized was their luggage. They tried to open the gate but the key no longer worked. They rang the bell but no one answered.

Mr. Prince had been very persuasive. There wasn’t enough money to renovate, but they could have sold for a great price. Cinderella would buy two houses, one for herself and one to rent. Furthermore, Mr. Prince was very impressed by her organization and ideas, and hired her as a partner in the agency: Cinderella and Prince Real Estate.

No man went looking for the owner of the lost shoe.

No man went looking for the owner of the hair clip.

But the man who found the cell phone couldn’t help but notice the photos of the stepmother, so he was able to track her down thanks to her contracts. He wasn’t rich, but wealthy enough to provide a home for all three women.

He still didn’t know that he was going to do all the cleaning!

Some of them lived happily ever after.

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