‘Crash Landing on You’ actor Hyun Bin enjoys massive popularity on the internet, but he has stayed away from debuting on Instagram. However, his pictures often make their way to social media through fans and fellow stars.
Case in point being a series of pictures shared by actress Park Min-ha. She posted selfies with the team of ‘Confidential Assignment 2: International’ on Instagram on November 16, giving fans a glimpse of their beloved star.The attended the special screening of Kim Sung-su helmed 12.12: The Day aka Seoul Spring, where she met with the team of ‘Confidential Assignment 2: International’. In her caption, the actress penned about reuniting with #Confidential Assignment 2 family – #Uncle Hyun Bin #Uncle Yoo Hae-jin #Uncle Park Hoon and #Director Yoon Je-gyun.
Last year Hyun Bin tied the knot with his ‘Crash Landing On You’ co-star Son Ye-jin. The couple became parents with the birth of their son in November 2022. Back in September, Son Ye-jin had opened up about motherhood when she made an appearance on the golf YouTube channel Lim Jin Han Class. Speaking about how she has dedicated herself to her marriage and is enjoying life with her family, the actress had shared,”Of course, there are some difficulties, but the happiness a child gives is a happiness I’ve never felt in my life.” When asked if they are planning a second baby, she said, “We need to think about that.” Son Ye-jin further shared, “After working for 20 years, I’m now more focused on my family, and I’m so happy now. I want to do better, take care of my child, and be a good wife and mother, so I use a lot of energy. Still, I’m so happy.”

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