Nupur Shikhare set the internet buzzing with his choice of clothing for his registered marriage with long time love Ira Khan. Trust the couple to be quirky with their choices and they never disappoint!
While the enthusiastic Ira flaunted her ‘bride-to-be’ headband all through the wedding day (and the next day too); the groom paid an ode to his love story with his dressing style.It all began with Nupur surprising the paparazzi stationed outside his building, as he emerged in a black tank top and white shorts. What seemed like a pre-wedding jog, turned out to be an eight-kilometer-long sprint to the wedding venue.
This highlight by the groom seemed like a silent nod to his love story with Ira Khan. Rewind to September 2022, when Nupur put a ring on it, after successfully completing the Ironman Triathlon in Italy. As he went down on his knee, Nupur received an emotional ‘yes’ from his lady love. He was dressed in athleisure then and looks like he wanted to keep the tradition alive for his wedding too, opting for shorts and tank top, Nupur seemed to pay an ode to his romance with Ira.


Interestingly, it is the love for fitness that brought Ira and Nupur together. The fitness enthusiast was training Aamir Khan during lockdown and that’s when he crossed paths with his future wife.
Giving no qualms about his comfy clothing, the groom happily danced away amidst his heavily dressed family, giving the internet noteworthy ideas for an unforgettable baaraat. Not the one to play spoilsport, after the formalities of the registered marriage, Nupur changed into a dapper sherwani, beaming with joy as he posed with his wife, Ira.

Ira Khan-Nupur Shikhare wedding: Here’s how the groom decided to reach venue

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