Actress Deepika Padukone, who is gearing up for the release of the aerial action film ‘Fighter‘ opposite Hrithik Roshan, shared insights into why films shouldn’t be made keeping box office numbers in mind.
During a recent group interview, Deepika emphasised that when movies are crafted solely with the box office in mind, it compromises the authenticity of the creative process. The actress also shared insights into why she believes ‘Fighter’ is a special film.
Deepika expressed that ‘Fighter’ is a tribute and a thank you to every single fighter out there who puts their life at risk every single day so that everyone is safe.
In the film, Deepika will be seen playing the role of Squadron Leader Minal Rathore, known by her call sign ‘Minni’. Her role as a squadron pilot in the Air Dragons unit showcases resilience and valour.
The film was directed by ‘War’ filmmaker Siddharth Anand. It also stars Akshay Oberoi, Sanjeeda Sheikh, Ashutosh Rana, and Talat Aziz in pivotal roles. The film is slated for release on the eve of Republic Day, on January 25, 2024.

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