Shah Rukh Khan’s stellar 2023 in terms of film success sets the stage for an even more promising 2024, according to reports. Renowned for his golden heart, his goodwill is reaffirmed by TV actress Deepshika, who shared in a recent interview that the actor had reached out to her during ‘Om Shanti Om‘, although they did not meet at that time.
Deepshika Nagpal, who shared the screen with Shah Rukh Khan in the films ‘Baadshah‘ and ‘Koyla’, portraying negative roles, recently disclosed in an interview that after her negative role in ‘Koyla’, she began facing typecasting in movies.Despite the challenges, Khan recommended her for a role in ‘Baadshah’. In a conversation with Siddharth Kannan, Deepshika revealed that she came to know about Khan’s recommendation much later. The actress expressed her gratitude for the support and shared that, post ‘Baadshah’, she was offered stereotypical roles like ‘Mona darling,’ which she declined as she wanted to avoid such characterizations in her career.
Deepshika also shared that Shah Rukh Khan had invited her for a meeting during ‘Om Shanti Om’, but at that time, she admitted to feeling a lack of self-esteem. Consequently, she chose to skip the meeting.

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