TXT‘s Soobin and RIIZE‘s Seunghan are under fire for allegedly speaking ill about LE SSERAFIM. The duo hit headlines after a video of their private live stream was leaked online.
With just four people viewing the steam, Seunghan is seemingly heard badmouthing someone while mentioning Eunchae. While the person identified as Soobin replied that he’s showing something, and gestured his middle finger with the toes.
According to Korean media, this was a case of mistranslation, the initial content read, “
“Is Hong Eunchae close with Hong Seunghan? But Seunghan, who are you to bash someone like that?”
– But isn’t this a fact? It’s a fact
– She can’t dance, can’t sing and can’t rap
– She’s all excited just because she got to MC for Mubank, our Eunchae is there (on the show)
– There’s something I want to show (shows his middle toe)
However, the correct translation of the caption reportedly stated that Seunghan said, “It’s a fact.You can’t dance, sing, or rap. You’re just all excited just because you MC-ed for Music Bank. You even got to meet our Eunchae.” To which Soobin said, “I have something to show you” and shows a middle finger with the toes. It seems like Seunghan was joking about Soobin and that Eunchae was mentioned in the context that she hostedMusic Bank alongside Soobin in early 2023.
Defending Seunghan in this controversy, one fan wrote on X, “seunghan has literally been through so much and has had his privacy invaded SO MUCH and he only debuted like 2 months ago……… yall give me a headache…… leave him ALONE.” While another post read, “while it is absolutely a privacy invasion for leaking seunghan & soobin’s personal sns but i do wanna clarify something bc people may get the wrong impression esp as far as im concerned, pannchoa provided an inaccurate translation & people shouldnt take their convo out of context.”

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