Difference Between High-End Fashion And Regular Fashion

Key Distinctions in High-End Fashion Versus Regular Fashion


Clothing has always been an important commodity in every age, clothes are one of the most basic necessities, every human has the right to clean clothes that can save them from the harsh weather and shelter them from dust and dirt but unlike other necessary commodities, clothing has transformed into something much bigger. Clothing is no longer just an article of clothing that you wear to shelter yourself from weather and dirt. It has become a form of expression that is followed all around the world in more ways than one. Clothing is different in almost every country in the world. Each country has its own version of clothing and expression of fashion. People of all race, caste, creed, and nationalities have ave different view of fashion, some people view it as a way of expressing their thoughts out loud without uttering a word others find it to be more of an addition to their look.

Clothing is an essential part of everyday life and most people spend hours upon hours in search of the perfect outfit, clothing and fashion vary from events to nations. Each nation has its own sense of formal and casual wear but the most dominant version of fashion originates from the west and is followed across almost every part of the world. The basic definition of formal wear would be a shirt, a pair of dress pants, and shoes that are based on western culture. These clothes can of course vary depending on events but these are the most worn articles of clothing internationally.

Fashion is pretty different from clothing, though. Fashion is a statement, whereas clothing is just any ordinary article of clothing, fashion is supposed to represent a person’s state of mind. it is a way of expressing one’s ideas through a non-verbal way. Every person has a different taste in fashion, and that is what makes fashion such a vast and widespread form of expression. An easy example of expression through fashion can be found in sports events, each team has its own shirt, and you can tell just from their shirt which team they are representing. The player does not have to say anything, but his shirt symbolizes his team and, most times, the sport that he is a part of.

People love fashion, and most people love spending hours finding the perfect clothes for each occasion, but over time fashion has started to develop a different meaning for different classes. High-class, designer fashion wear is only accessible to wealthy and powerful people, and regular people are just left with ordinary fashion which is in no way a bad thing. A simple example of this would be the fact that a wealthy person would get a bespoke shirt made for an event while a normal person with a limited amount to spend would go to a retail store and just buy an item off the Ready-to-wear collection. Now, this may seem like a minor thing, but it’s not. The only reason people spend more on bespoke or designer items is due to the feeling of exclusivity. You are more likely to bump into a person wearing the same shirt as you that you bought from a retail store than you are to find someone who has the same exact shirt that you customized and paid a higher price for.

It all boils down to one single item, money. People who have more to spend will keep buying expensive and high-end clothes, and people like you and me will feel just fine buying a Men’s smart shirt from a regular retail store. The only time people like you a dime will ever get a bespoke suit made will probably be on a special occasion, but other than that, we do not have a need to own such an expensive piece of clothing, but those who feel the need to do and have the money to buy it will buy it. Fashion is versatile, and everyone has access to it according to their budget. There is no specific price on fashion, but you can definitely put any price tag you want on exclusivity and the exquisiteness of an article of clothing.

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