Originally published in the Poets community for the Dancing with Distraction Challenge, reworked for the Micro Heist Challenge.


Ready to play?

I cast a devilish smile from across the chaotic bar, towards you but not quite focused… enough to make you wonder if you are the target of my intentions tonight. Enough to give you hope.

In your direction now (you’re sure) I wink, smile… and then I sashay, certainly toward you, it seems. Your heart pounds, then I turn aside just before I reach you and greet another hopeful, lonely soul instead. You watch as I place my hand in theirs, lean in close, and tacitly offer more.

As you sigh in sinking disappointment, I peek back over my shoulder, look you up and down, smirk, and bite my lip. Caught you looking again, or did you ever even look away? Don’t lie. I know you didn’t.

This will be easy, it’s my favorite game and you are incapable of resisting. Just like they all are.

Of course, you never even noticed my friend, the forgettable one who bumped against you ever so gently while I held you in the gravity well of my eyes.

No matter, you’ll figure it out when you go to close your tab after I disappear.

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