Aryan Khan, gearing up for his directorial debut ‘Stardom’, holds a USC (University of Southern California) connection. Dean Elizabeth Daley and Dr Priya Jaikumar, Professor and Chair of the Division of Cinema and Media Studies, at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, share insights into Aryan’s student life and USC influence.
During an interaction with, Priya Jaikumar revealed that due to COVID, they never met Aryan personally during his USC stint.However, he was known among the graduate students who worked with him in the ‘Intro to Cinema’ class, a prerequisite for all students. Aryan’s upcoming streaming show, influenced by his USC experience, involves collaboration with a couple of fellow USC alumni.

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Despite limited one-on-one interactions due to the pandemic, Priya mentioned USC faculty aimed to provide Aryan with a normal student life experience while fostering creative growth.
Further, Elizabeth Daley added a fascinating detail about Aryan’s dedication to maintaining a USC connection. Despite Shah Rukh Khan offering a professional crew for his debut, Aryan insisted on bringing his USC friends on board.

Aryan Khan graduated during a unique commencement held in the Colosseum due to COVID restrictions.

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