On Tuesday evening, Dua Lipa confirmed her new romantic relationship with actor Callum Turner, and they didn’t shy away from public displays of affection during a night out in Hollywood. The couple, who had been linked romantically just over two weeks ago, enjoyed a romantic dinner at the upscale Japanese restaurant Sushi Park.

The 33-year-old actor, known for his roles in films like “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” and “Emma,” couldn’t resist wrapping his arms around the 28-year-old “Houdini” singer. Dua Lipa, in turn, cupped Callum’s face affectionately before sharing a lingering kiss with him. The couple’s balcony antics, overlooking the street, were visible to onlookers, and they seemed unbothered by the attention.
This public confirmation of their relationship comes after weeks of speculation and rumors about the pair’s romantic involvement. The pictures captured during their night out showcase their undeniable chemistry and genuine affection for each other.

Prior to this public outing, Dua Lipa had already shown support for Callum Turner by attending a Q&A session for his new series, “Masters of the Air.” The couple’s willingness to be openly affectionate in public has sparked excitement among fans, who are now eagerly following this new chapter in Dua Lipa’s romantic journey.

The confirmation of their relationship has not only set social media abuzz but also added a touch of glamour to Hollywood’s dating scene. Dua Lipa and Callum Turner’s genuine connection and their carefree attitude towards public attention have endeared them to fans, making them one of the most talked-about celebrity couples at the moment. As their romance continues to unfold, fans are sure to keep a close eye on this adorable duo.

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