The long-awaited moment has arrived as Shah Rukh Khan’s highly anticipated film of 2023, ‘Dunki,’ has finally hit the theaters. The excitement has reached such heights that eager fans have booked 6 am shows to catch the first day of the first show. Before the screening, a vibrant celebration unfolds outside the cinema hall, complete with Shah Rukh Khan’s effigies, fireworks, and enthusiastic cheers from fans – creating an infectious energy that is hard to ignore.
The frenzy extends to social media, where fans express their excitement through tweets.The atmosphere is electric, with enthusiasts sharing their anticipation and love for the iconic Bollywood star. The devotion is palpable, turning the release of ‘Dunki’ into a festive occasion.

Early reviews from fans have started pouring in, and the consensus is that ‘Dunki’ is a perfect treat for SRK enthusiasts. Some fans are quick to share their impressions after watching the first half of the movie, describing it as thoroughly captivating.

People from Nepal have also shown their love and support

Despite ‘Dunki’ hailing from a non-action genre, the collaboration of Rajkumar Hirani’s direction and the stellar performances by Shah Rukh Khan, Taapsee Pannu, Vicky Kaushal, and other stars on the big screen are keeping audiences hooked. The first-day show is being celebrated as a cinematic festival, and trade experts are predicting a ballistic opening for the movie. Surprisingly, despite not being from the action genre, industry experts are pleased with the positive opening numbers projected for ‘Dunki.’

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