Pankaj Tripathi has never failed to leave the audiences gushing over him with every performance in the last two years. The actor will be getting into the shoes of Atal Bihari Vajpayee in his next film. ETimes caught up with the actor to talk about the film and Pankaj opened up on the various aspects of his personality in a candid conversation.
During this chat, we asked him, if it has ever been a struggle for him to retain his simplicity and honesty.Reacting to this, Pankaj said, “It has never been a struggle for me. This is my ‘taseer’ (nature). Yeh industry bhi meri taseer nahi badal paayi (Even this industry could not change the person I am). I know the industry that I’m a part of which is filled with glamour and perception. Every actor wants to create a certain image and perception about himself/herself. But me being simple is not for making any perception. This is me and I’ll continue to be.”
The actor also said that he get surprised when people ask him about how he kept himself motivated during his struggle days before ‘Gangs Of Wasseypur‘, because he never felt that way. He added, “There are people who ask me how I kept myself motivated during my struggle period. That makes me wonder, did I even have to motivate myself in the last ten years? I didn’t even realise I needed it. These days there’s a long list of motivational speakers on Youtube, everyone is turning into a motivational speaker. I never realised that was my struggle period. My struggle period is now because I have to fight a battle for 8 hours of sleep and I need a break.”
Pankaj is someone who considers acting as his job and not his life. Hence, he realised he needed to slow down. “Apne liye, parivaar ke liye mujhe samay nahi mil raha tha. But now I thought ab sehat pe, apne aap pe dhyaan dena padega aur mere baaki joh shauq hai uspe. Acting mere jeevan chalane ka medium hai, mera jeevan nahi hai. Ab woh mera jeevan ban gaya tha, medium nahi raha. (I was not getting time for myself, my family. I realised acting is becoming my life and not just a medium to live life. I realised I have to concentrate on myself, my personal life and my other hobbies apart from acting). Hence I slowed down. But again, when you’re hungry, there is a side effect of over-eating. So, I’ll just try my best to have a work-life balance.”
WATCH the full video here:

Main Atal Hoon‘ is set to release on January 19.

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