In a significant milestone for the globally acclaimed K-pop group EXO, the youngest member, Sehun, commenced his mandatory military service today, December 21, Korean Standard Time (KST). This marks the commencement of the final chapter as Sehun becomes the last member of the illustrious group to embark on fulfilling his mandatory duties to the nation.

As is customary for all able-bodied South Korean men, Sehun will undergo new recruit training as part of his initial phase of military service. Following the completion of this training, he will transition to serving as a public service worker for the remaining duration of his mandatory service.
Anticipation surrounds Sehun’s military journey, with fans eagerly awaiting updates on his experiences and progress throughout this period. The EXO member is expected to complete his duties sometime in 2025, aligning with his group mate Kai, who is slated to finish his mandatory service in February of the same year. This synchronized timeline adds a poignant note to the collective narrative of EXO’s commitment to fulfilling their national responsibilities.

Notably, Sehun’s initiation into military service comes after all other members of EXO have successfully completed their mandatory duties. The group, known for its exceptional talent and global influence, has navigated individual pursuits during their temporary hiatus, with members actively engaging in solo promotions, acting projects, and various other ventures.

As EXO’s loyal fan base eagerly awaits updates on Sehun’s military journey, the group’s legacy continues to evolve with each member’s unique path, solidifying their presence as both a collective force and individual artists in the dynamic landscape of the entertainment industry.

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