Fast Hospital Births with Midwives, Miscarriage and Power of Educating Yourself

Sarah’s journey begins with the birth of her oldest with a hurried OBGYN and an epidural.  After her first birth, she was empowered to try a different approach.  Following that birth, she sought community and found that through La Leche League, a parent-to-parent breastfeeding support group.

Monthly Centering appointments and care under a hospital midwife team for her second pregnancy gave her both community and confidence that her own voice would carry significance during her birth.  An unmedicated, precipitous vaginal birth followed.  After birth, this baby was diagnosed with a tongue tie and torticollis which made breastfeeding difficult and underlined even more the importance of establishing a community of support for Sarah.  

The birth of Sarah’s third daughter was also an unmedicated, precipitous vaginal birth and a healing experience after the shock of her first precipitous birth.  With three children ages 4 and under, the death of a close friend, and an impending move, Sarah came to appreciate her community even more as they rallied around her to support her journey in motherhood.

third baby tongue tie

Sarah Moyer Bio

Sarah is an at-home mom to three daughters, ages 4, 7 and 9, an accredited La Leche League Leader, and has been married to her husband Mark for 13 years.  Sarah and Mark met at college in Wyoming and currently live in the Houston, TX area, although all three of her children were born in Fort Worth, TX.  Sarah is passionate about breastfeeding education and connecting new parents with resources to help them navigate life with children.  You can find Sarah on Instagram @sarahamoyer.


Pregnancy / Birth

  1. The Birth Partner by Penny Simpkin
  2. Evidence Based Birth
  3. Texas Health Nurse Midwife Care (Hospital Midwife group, Fort Worth, TX)


  1. La Leche League USA
  2. La Leche League GB (for wonderful, thorough answers to your questions)
  3. KellyMom
  4. Infant Risk Center (For medication information while breastfeeding or pregnant)
  5. The Nursing Tribe of Parker County (Local breastfeeding support group for Parker County, TX)

Community Suport

  1. MOMS Club International (Moms Offering Moms Support)


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