Favorite Bachelor Outfits Revolve Edition

If there’s one store out there that is a go to for incredible summer fashion it’s Revolve. As you know, I am always quick to share my finds. For those who keep up with The Bachelor, you know that all of the alum love wearing Revolve. The “street style” from the Revolve festivals and events are so good. One of my past times is scrolling through their site to see what’s new and this time I couldn’t stop myself from hitting the checkout button. My package showed up this week and it definitely didn’t disappoint. I’m obsessed with every piece! Enjoy the inspiration from these Bachelor outfits and get ready to buy, you won’t be able to resist.

In my shopping at Revolve, I wanted to pull items that could be used for multiple reasons. I wanted to show you guys staple pieces that can be dresses up or down. I’m always looking for clothing that can be worn again. Also keeping in mind that vacations are coming and date nights too. I can’t say it enough, Revolve allows you to pull clothes no matter what your occasion is. I am also, always thinking about how an outfit would look with ANEA HILL! What sort of sunglasses designer would I be without pairing and matching with my best sunnies?

When I’m shopping, I always have the next season in mind. Some of these styles can definitely carry into the Fall, my favorite season. Since it’s so hot here in the South, I’m always looking for those Summer pieces that can keep me cool. So majority of my looks here are all nice and lightweight, yet substantial enough to make a statement. Without further ado.

Feminine Bachelor Outfits Style

Let’s start with this blue dress from REVOLVE. Bachelor outfits are all the rage when you are on the show. I can 100% see one of the girls or myself wearing this. Would be a great beach outfit for Bachelor in Paradise too! The tie string straps caught my eye. There’s something so feminine yet structured about this dress. The color is so pretty for summer.

Kendra Midi Dress on Revolve with LADY Sunglasses

Casual Style

The second I saw this top I added to cart. I love how they paired it with white pants which is extremely smart for summer time no matter where you live. I envision wearing this with pants to date night, brunch on Saturday with my girlfriends and again will definitely be seeing this paired with ANEA HILL in the future. Bachelor Nation is the best spokesperson for Revolve. Cute crop tops, skirts and ripped jeans are go-to’s for any of my fellow Bach alum. For me, I kept it mom-mode with this top. It’s perfect because I can wrap it to be lower on my torso. 10/10 for being adjustable. I ran into town to do some errands so I kept my look casual by pairing with these straight jeans. Kind of obsessed how they fit me. This is definitely the mid week vibe I was looking for.

Jovi Top and Karolina High Rise Straight Jeans on Revolve with NOTTINGHAM Sunglasses

Black on Black Style

My New York heart loves this black on black outfit! Who doesn’t love an all black look? I can’t imagine a place I wouldn’t wear this outfit to. Pair it with some sparkly heels and a hot pink bag and you are completely sat and will look like 1 million bucks. The structure of this bodysuit is incredible. Why settle for a regular bodysuit when you can have this fierce strappy look? Pairing this with my black leather joggers from Revolve and my sparkly shoes. Perfection. This is also a great way to incorporate summer neutrals. I consider black a neutral!

Izetta Strappy Bodysuit and Viviette Vegan Leather Jogger on Revolve with THE ONE Sunglasses

Izetta Strappy Bodysuit and Viviette Vegan Leather Jogger on Revolve with THE ONE

Sophisticated Style

Last but not least this collared, sophisticated dress. My mind runs wild with all the vibes it gives me. Chic New York, high society, cool mom, fashionista street style. All the things that represent exactly who I am. Take me to the city, New York City of course!

Collared Drop Waist Dress on Revolve with DUCHESS Sunglasses

I would never leave you astray, so when I’m telling you that Bachelor outfits are the best outfit inspo I’m being real. I’ve mentioned this before that all of the contestants on The Bachelor bring their own clothes and do their own makeup and hair. So, what you see on TV is that girl’s personal style before social media hits her. Once I started attending all of the events and entered the scene in LA, my style became refined and now I religiously wear brands like Revolve. Their events are also full of Bachelor sightings and the style is amazing. Use Revolve events, style guides and Bachelor Nation as your Summer style guide.

Revolve Pieces That You’ve Already Seen On Me

These pieces have shown up on my Instagram throughout the seasons and have continued to circulate in my closet. Staples or trending pieces, I just can’t seem to let any of them go.

Other Favorites From Revolve

1. Jenner Mini Dress 2. Lauren Bodysuit 3. Carlo Shirt Dress 4. Peoria Bodysuit 5. Eliana Skirt 6. Yovanna Mini Dress 7. Frida Pants 8. Fielle Midi Dress 9. Caz Bodysuit 10. x REVOLVE Molly Mini Dress

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