Feeling Forgotten…

Inspired by a prompt about ‘feeling forgotten’ I did from ‘Write Now! Poetry” self-guided journal—I wrote another poem about my pain and loss..


Ever since I was born, I was welcome—-

I was happy.

Until then, two years later—

I have become flawed.

A Flawed—

An Outsider—

An Outcast—

A Misfit—

Why do people treat me like an inhuman?


I really don’t get it!

I always felt lost—

No matter how I met right, wrong, online and in-person—-

I have always been forgotten no matter how good days and bad days went—

I do not know if I should stay alive after thirty-five years—

It feels like I am NOT important in the first place—

I do not know if anybody will miss me—
Thinking about me—

Feelings about me—

I will be gone for now…

Now, I am finally free..

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