Siddharth Anand, who is currently promoting his upcoming film ‘Fighter’ starring Hrithik Roshan and Deepika, has secured a U/A certification after two cuts, one of which contains ‘sexually suggested visuals’.
In an interview with News 18, the filmmaker Siddharth Anand stated that everything is very organic in his films. According to him, sometimes, you do things that you feel are working for your film at that point in time.The filmmaker admitted that there are certain guidelines that the Censor Board operates on and they have to accept that.
Eloborating further, the filmmaker expressed that they have graciously accepted those cuts and that won’t change the narrative at all. He added that what has been cut is in the end credits when the film is over. So, those shots weren’t that important.
Meanwhile, the filmmaker also addressed the Top Gun comparisons that his film has been facing ever since its promos were released. Siddharth expressed that he took it as a compliment. According to him, ‘Top Gun’ is an iconic film and brand. If these comparisons are happening, it means that the two worlds are being compared.
The filmmaker explained that if the audience sees Fighter, they will realise that it’s a desi film. He added that it is based on an incident that happened in our country in 2019. The filmmaker shared that there are very few films out there that have this world which he leaves it to the people to judge, see and comment on.
Siddharth Anand’s ‘Fighter’ also stars Anil Kapoor and is slated for a big-screen release on January 25.

Fighter v/s Top Gun: Siddharth Anand reacts on comparisons between Hrithik Roshan & Tom Cruise starrer

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