Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone‘s highly anticipated action-film ‘Fighter‘ is ready for take off in cinemas today. As fans in India flock to theatres to catch the first shows of the movie, it seems that fans in the Gulf countries will miss out on the action, owing to a ban imposed on the film.
Although the advance bookings kicked off in international markets, days before it could open in India, new reports indicate a significant drop in numbers just a day before its release. According to reports, the movie earned just around $500,000 in advance bookings at the international box office. The numbers, although decent, are not upto the mark, keeping in mind that it had already raked in an estimated $100,000 last Thursday.

According to reports, the poor advance bookings are linked to the film’s ban in the Gulf countries that contributed significantly to the worldwide box office numbers. Deepika’s previous release ‘Pathaan’ scored an impressive $15 million in the UAE while Hrithik’s ‘WAR’ raked in over $5 million from Gulf markets.

On Thursday, trade analysts announced the film’s ‘suspension’ in the UAE, highlighting the removal of booking options from major theatre chains. While the exact reason behind the ban remains undisclosed, reports suggest that the decision stems from ‘some objectionable content in the film.’ Before the suspension, it had been anticipated that ‘Fighter’ would receive a PG 15 classification for its release in the UAE.

Given that the Gulf region serves as a key overseas market for Bollywood movies, the ban is anticipated to influence the film’s global box office earnings. In order to make up for the loss in revenue from these markets, ‘Fighter’ will have to score an exceptional performance in the domestic box office.

Hrithik Roshan, Deepika Padukone & Anil Kapoor promote their upcoming film Fighter

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