Four Playlist Ideas For You Need some new ideas for your music libary

Creating a playlist is like sculpting a statue. It’s something that you created something personal to you and has your staple of what defines you. Making a playlist for yourself or someone else is the most personal way to learn about someone else’s taste in music. But how often do you think about going a little bit farther in creating a playlist? There are driving playlists, “getting ready” playlists, and songs for the broken heart playlists.

We all choose how we want that song to associate with us. Whether it’s for an event, an activity, creativity, or a personal relationship.

Some of these ideas come from my playlists, and some of them I’m just throwing out there to see what others can create from their music library.

1. Songs that have the word love in it

You could throw a dart at a wall of songs and you’ll hit a song that has a romantic theme to it. But have you ever really counted how many songs you have that have the word love in them? It’s an interesting search through your music library to see how many artists have used the word that is common in many songs we hear.

2. It’s been a while

It’s an appropriate title for a playlist like this because it does make you wonder how long it’s been since the last time you listened to a certain song. This is a personal playlist that I have on my phone that challenges me to go back to the music that I might not have appreciated as much as I should. We come across new songs all the time that make us quickly disregard the other songs we have that mean something to us. We collect songs as if they were items in our own homes, and sometimes we couldn’t forget about those items in our home and wonder why we keep them on while we have them. This playlist makes you think about your evolution and how far you have come in your taste in music and you get to revisit a song that you haven’t listened to for a while and it’ll be like you listen to it for the first time again.

It’s also a great playlist that helps you clean out your music library if it turns out this song didn’t mean as much to you as it did before, but you still had the time with that song while you make room for new songs!

3. I Got The Power

What we define to be a powerful song might not be seen as powerful by others. But it’s powerful to you for a reason that you and only you understand. It’s a playlist that is unlike the others you’ve created to go through your songs to see how that song makes you feel. There are some you’ll feel stronger about than others and only you would know if there is a surge in your soul.

4. The Favorite Songs

It’s easy to think about what your favorite songs are, it immediately makes you happy to hear a song you could listen to for hours. But have you thought about making a playlist that combines every song you ever called “My Favorite Song”? It’s a fun playlist to create that shows your history of songs, how far you’ve come, and see what genres you’ve liked and ones you never thought you’d have in your musical tastes. It’s your memory lane of music.

From one music fan to another, have fun with these ideas to create new playlists for your music library!

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