In response to the recent derogatory statements made by three ministers from Maldives against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE) has taken a strong stance. As the oldest and largest federal body representing workers, technicians, and artists in the media and entertainment industry, the FWICE condemns these remarks as irresponsible and ridiculous.
In solidarity with the nation and its rich culture, FWICE members have decided to boycott Maldives as a shooting location. Instead, they are encouraging producers and filmmakers to choose similar locations within India for their shooting purposes, contributing to the development of tourism in the country.

Amid the ongoing tension between India and Maldives, FWICE President BN Tiwari emphasized the need for all producers and actors to boycott Maldives, both for shooting and holidays. He said, “We want all our producers and actors to boycott Maldives, be it shooting or holidays. The reason is that we cannot tolerate anyone insulting us.”

The FWICE stands united in support of the Indian Prime Minister and the nation. The appeal goes out to all producers, urging them not to plan any shootings or production activities in Maldives, reinforcing their commitment to national pride and dignity.

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