Girl’s Day member and actress Sojin, along with actor Lee Dong Ha, are set to take a momentous step in their relationship as they prepare to exchange vows on November 18.
The news of their upcoming wedding was officially announced on November 8, revealing their plans for a private ceremony in Seoul. According to allkpop, the intimate affair will be attended by close family members, relatives, and dear friends, ensuring a warm and personal celebration of their love.It is anticipated that fellow celebrities, including Sojin’s Girl’s Day groupmates, will join the joyous occasion, offering their heartfelt well-wishes to the soon-to-be-married couple.
Sojin and Lee Dong Ha first crossed paths on the set of the drama ‘Ghost Mansion’, which released in 2021. Their on-screen chemistry gradually evolved into a real-life romance, capturing the hearts of their dedicated fans. Confirming their engagement on October 6 KST, the agencies representing both artists shared the delightful news of their impending union, sparking excitement among their supporters.
Fans of Sojin and Lee Dong Ha are overjoyed and couldn’t help but admire the real-life love story that blossomed from their on-screen chemistry.

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