The cast had remarkable energy and skill.


Do not feed that plant or you will regret it.

Gould Academy sprouted the darkly comedic musical Little Shop of Horrors. This story.. revolves around Seymour Krelborn, a meek floral assistant who has a crush on his co-worker, Audrey. Seymour discovers a peculiar plant that brings him fame and fortune – only at a horrifying cost.

I did not hesitate to attend when I learned that Gould Academy was performing Little Shop of Horrors. This has become one of my favorite shows! Gould Academy’s performance of Little Shop of Horrors blossomed as a spectacular display of talent, creativity, and theatrical passion to all in attendance.

The cast had remarkable energy and skill. Starting with Zach Johnson, his portrayal of Seymour was both spry and endearing. He perfectly captured the character’s awkward identity and good nature as he grappled with his morals.

Mary Eggert shined as Audrey. She earned an illuminating applause from her heartfelt song, ‘Somewhere That’s Green.’ Audrey desires to find love but hasn’t garnered the right relationships. Together, through their budding bond, Seymour and Audrey discover the true meaning of love allocated wonderfully by Johnson and Eggert’s chemistry.

No show is ever without its ensemble. The entire cast had fun playing an assortment of characters. Lindsy Stephenson, Maeve Grocki, and Zoe Boland play the show’s narrators. They added whimsical commentary with harmonies as they guided the audiences through the story’s unfolding chaos.

Allison Chase filled the maniacal teeth of the evil dentist, Orin. This role is one of my favorites. Chase achieved manic energy and dark humor, leaving the audience in stitches.

Another cast member who administered excellent comedic timing was Grayson Norton as Mr. Mushnik. His song ‘Mushnik & Son’ was a hit among the audience as Norton and Johnson danced about the stage.

Little Shop of Horrors incorporates skillful puppetry and special effects. The masterful puppets of Audrey II (which grew bigger and BIGGER) became more menacing as the show progressed. Noah Cunningham voiced the plant while three cast members puppeteered. The lighting effects, sound, and costumes were remarkable.

Conducted by Jim McLaughlin in his last Gould Academy spring musical before retirement, the songs are catchy. Songs include, ‘Grow For Me,’ ‘Suddenly Seymour,’ and the opening number, ‘Skid Row.’

The dynamic between Seymour, Audrey, and Mr. Mushnik has always been heartwarming. Co-workers should always look out for each other. I have seen Little Shop of Horrors four times in the last two years and the message about healthy relationships grows on me more and more.

This is an important conversation, especially during high school. Director Karen Burns did an excellent job bringing a show to life that caught her excitement when she was 6. As Burns described, Little Shop of Horrors is the perfect experiment for high school students trying to find identity as they learn about the world.

Beyond the captivating visuals, Little Shop of Horrors carries a meaningful message about recognizing genuine love and avoiding unhealthy connections. Seymour overwaters his expectations and takes a direction that leads to disaster. Choose pathways that make sense. Be happy with yourself and find healthy relationships.

Excitement and laughter belted at all the jokes and hilarious ideas brought to life by the cast. After reading Burn’s note, I kept turning to watch these four young girls sitting in the front row. Their reactions, laughter, and agape mouths conquered the message of theater. You never know how theater touches people.

Well done to the cast and crew of Gould Academy for sprouting an enjoyable Little Shop of Horrors performance. Everyone had a blast.

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