“Capturing the Ephemeral Beauty of the Natural World”


Amidst the forest’s tranquil embrace,

Where ancient trees reach for skies’ embrace,

Whispers of leaves, a soft ballet,

Nature’s symphony, night and day.

Rivers weaving tales of their own,

Carving pathways through mossy stone,

Mountains standing guard, proud and tall,

As twilight’s hues gently befall.

Sunset’s canvas, a fiery dance,

Paints the horizon in shades askance,

Golden rays kiss the earth’s green gown,

As darkness unveils its starlit crown.

Flowers bloom in a vibrant spree,

Butterflies waltz with untamed glee,

Dew-kissed petals in dawn’s first light,

A fragile beauty, pure and bright.

Eagle’s flight on the updraft’s wing,

Nature’s melodies softly sing,

Whispering winds through fields of wheat,

Carry secrets of seasons’ beat.

Oh, nature’s wonder, vast and grand,

A masterpiece crafted by nature’s hand,

Let us cherish, protect, and mend,

For it’s our home, on it we depend.

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