Social media is abuzz with rumours that Bollywood star Deepika Padukone has secured a role in the highly anticipated third season of the critically acclaimed series, ‘The White Lotus.’
The online buzz started when a fan-tweet, suggesting Deepika’s inclusion in the cast, went viral, triggering excitement among fans. What might have begun as a playful meme, quickly gained momentum, with fan handles sharing their enthusiasm through posts exclaiming, “Omg omg omg Deepika Padukone to join White Lotus cast for its season?????” and “DEEPIKA IS IN WHITE LOTUS 3 ?!??”

The posts gave way to a lively discussion about the actress potentially being the ‘perfect’ fit for a role in the series, with fans expressing their wishes for the rumour to be true.Comments ranged from “Oh, I wish this was real” to “She would’ve ate it up!”

While the casting rumour involving Deepika adds an unexpected twist to Season 3 speculations, HBO has officially announced the addition of actors Leslie Bibb, Jason Isaacs, and Michelle Monaghan to the upcoming season. Joining them are Dom Hetrakul, Parker Posey, and Tayme Thapthimthong.
‘The White Lotus’, a dark comedy, explores the interactions between guests and employees of the fictional resort chain. Natasha Rothwell reprises her role as spa manager Belinda Lindsey from the first season and is set to feature prominently in the third chapter.

Meanwhile, actress Jennifer Coolidge hinted in her Emmy Award-winning speech, that she will not be returning for the new season. The actress, in her speech, cracked up the audience when she thanked ‘The White Lotus’ creator Mike White for casting her and added, “He [White] says I’m definitely dead so I’m going along with it.”
Production for Season 3 is scheduled to commence in February, taking place in and around Koh Samui, Phuket, and Bangkok. The new instalment will introduce a fresh group of guests at another White Lotus property, which will be set in Thailand.

‘I want to thank all the evil gays’, says Jennifer Coolidge in her Emmy speech

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