Hockey India salutes Neha

on finishing 150 global covers


Hockey India saluted midfielder Neha on finishing 150 global covers when India took on the Netherlands in their second match of the FIH Hockey Expert Association 2023/24 at the Kalinga Arena here on Sunday.

Neha, the 27-year-old, made her presentation in 2014 and has been essential for the crew that won the gold in the 2016 South Asian Games that occurred in Guwahati, India. She was likewise essential for the Indian ladies’ hockey group when they struck gold at the 2017 Ladies’ Hockey Asia Cup in Gifu, Japan where they beat China in the last.

The deft midfielder assumed a critical part in the group that won the silver decoration at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta and was likewise a piece of the crew that completed second in the 2018 Asian Heroes Prize at Donghae.

Neha addressed India at the 2018 Ladies’ Hockey World Cup in London where the group completed eighth and was likewise in the group that completed fourth in the 2018 Ward Games in Australia.

Neha was likewise a piece of the Indian ladies’ hockey group when they barely passed up a decoration as they completed fourth in the Tokyo Olympics 2020. Her commitment was significant in India winning the Bronze award at the 2022 Ladies’ Hockey Asia Cup held in Muscat, Oman. The 2022 Republic Games in Birmingham, Britain saw the Indian ladies’ hockey group completing in third spot subsequent to beating New Zealand in the bronze decoration match and Neha was a piece of the crew.

In December 2022, Neha was a piece of the Indian ladies’ hockey group that beat the host country Spain in the Ladies’ FIH Hockey Countries Cup last at Valencia to win the Gold decoration. She was likewise a piece of the crew that won the bronze decoration in the Asian Games in Hangzhou which finished in October 2023. Winning the gold award with the Indian ladies’ hockey group at the 2023 Ladies’ Asian Bosses Prize at Ranchi, Jharkhand was Neha’s latest accomplishment.

At the point when gotten some information about the gigantic accomplishment, she said, “I’m genuinely regarded that I have had the chance to address the country in 150 matches. It has accompanied its reasonable portion of difficulties however I’m happy I have had the option to push through everything. I owe an extraordinary thanks to my family, companions, colleagues and care staff. They will continuously hold an extraordinary spot in my heart for all the help they have given me throughout the long term.”

Complimenting Neha on accomplishing this achievement, Hockey India President Dr. Dilip Tirkey said, “This is an enormous accomplishment for Neha and we are incredibly glad for and pleased with her. Having the option to support oneself for such a long time requires an alternate amount of input and responsibility and I’m certain she’s simply going to become stronger to strength and keep on serving the Indian Ladies’ Hockey Group with unequaled commitment.”

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