HYBE has taken strict action against a former dance coach and performance director, for alleged embezzlement of funds amounting to millions of dollars. He was reportedly associated with Big Hit Entertainment and worked as a dance coach for their popular boy band BTS.
According to Korea JoongAnd Daily, the person in question was fired in September for disciplinary reasons.A statement from HYBE read, “The company immediately conducted an objective investigation, with the advice of an external law firm, after the employee’s misconduct was made aware and dismissed him after exclusion of duties and other personnel committee procedures. After filing charges, we are now proceeding with legal measures to address damages made to the company. We will hold him accountable under a zero-tolerance policy.”
The coach reportedly made fake documents in the agency’s name and is alleged to have embezzled close to 5 billion won ($3.9 million), from composers, choreographers, and entrepreneurs.
“The company strictly prohibits its employees from using company information, job duties or positions within the company to obtain personal gains or commit illegal and unjust activities. In order to prevent [employees’] acts of fraud that abuse their relationship with the company or friendships with artists, we are constantly announcing warnings for avoiding fraud to the public. To prevent any repeats of the current situation, we will strengthen company measures on professional ethics education, anticorruption and fair trade for all employees, and implement stricter measures by strengthening the internal control system,” HYBE stated.

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