My entire life I have wanted to be a singer, songwriter but the stage frightens me.

I dream of the flashing lights and microphone stand in my hands as I sing the perfect melody.

I dream of a record deal with millions of dollars in my bank account, beautiful luxury cars and diamond rings that shine but what shines brighter is the constant doubt and negative thoughts that fill my mind,

I dream that people will love my music, the sound of my voice may sooth the soul, I dream I have the courage to hit the stage and sing my heart out standing firm and bold. Write my name on the wall and in the books being listed as one of the Queens of music, my story told.

I listen to music through my earphones, on the train and as I walk the Chicago streets. I dance, sing songs and move along as the pavement feels good beneath my feet.

I look at the sun and how it shines on my face, I smile at how warm it feels. I think to myself what if this was my video scene and all of sudden here comes the chills!

The day will come when I shall take a leap, take a chance on me and really see . Open my mouth and sing a song, hoping the world will give applause and make my dream a reality!

Mis the constant doubt.

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