A tad annoyed and frustrated me


To be clear, I am talking about those scammers

Who do not read the story

But just subscribe and go

We have a great big mixing cauldron

Of dedicated, purposed and intelligent folks creating here

Who daily and ever are spinning marvelous tales

Toiling away in hopes of loving and being loved

For their craft of honestly creating and reading

Who are ever vigilant to the wiles and cunning

Of those who think themselves smart

If you think that I will jump and click

And hurry to read your stories

Just because you decide to subscribe to me

Think again, opportunistic lazy one

How stupid do you really think that I am

You joined in hopes of exploiting to the max

The good nature of the hardworking folks

Who daily toil, write, edit and agonize over the content

Validity and relevance of their heartfelt stories

Who are you to expect a quick fix and reward for doing nothing

But play on the blood, sweat and tears of the faithful and the caring

It may be that you have my best interest at heart by subscribing

But please read a story or maybe two to show your solidarity and sincerity

So I can separate you from the unscrupulous and unjust

As much as I love a good subscription as much as the other person

In the immortal words of Cezanne Libellen

“Please don’t subscribe to my Vocal stories, if sincerity and good will,

Is sadly lacking in your character, and you hope to gain something

From doing nothing to contribute to the upliftment of myself and my

Fellow readers and writers upon this Vocal platform!

You insult the creators, by infringing on their time

Which should be spent on positivity going forward

Instead of chasing after fraudsters and imposters

Posing as honest to goodness creatures with a smidgen

Of any type of talent whatsoever

That is all I have to say for now!

Back off and leave us be”.

……………………………..Cover pic by NightCafe Studio.

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