In the green garden, where the flowers appear,
The breezes dance gently, and the birds sing.
The sun looms on the horizon, painting a painting of gold,
The trees spread their wonderful shadows on the ground.

I see the rose opening slowly, as if whispering to the sun,
Other flowers are wrapped in multiple colors.
The river runs smoothly, carrying dreams of fish,
The sky sparkles with bright stars at night.

I am here, inhaling the scent of flowers, feeling happy,
I contemplate the beauty of nature and the splendor of creation.
In the green garden, I find peace and quiet,
I declare my love for life and everything in it.

In the green garden – Part Two

In the green garden, where the flowers were unfolding and the breezes were dancing, something mysterious was waiting for visitors. There was an ancient legend that told of the existence of a secret door that led to another world inside this garden.

The door was hidden between the branches of an old tree. It could only be seen when the sun was at its zenith and illuminated objects from all angles. Few people knew about this door, but those who discovered it frequented the garden in quiet moments.

One day, young Ali decided to explore the park on his own. He was curious and eager to know what was hidden in this mysterious door. When he found the old tree, he started looking for the door. Golden rays were filtering through the branches, as if indicating his location.

After a few minutes of searching, Ali discovered the hidden door. It was made of old wood and decorated with strange carvings. He knocked on the door three times, and suddenly it opened in front of him. There was the same green garden on the outside, but it was completely different.

The trees were bigger and more vibrant, and the flowers were singing in unimaginable colors. The breeze carried the scent of enchanting perfumes, and the river ran deeper and more magical. There were strange creatures wandering among the trees, as if they were coming from another world.

Ali entered the new world with curiosity and amazement. He didn’t know what awaited him there, but he was ready to explore every corner behind this magic door.

In the green garden – Part Three

When Ali entered the new world through the magic door, he found himself in a place unlike anything he had seen before. The trees had sparkling branches, and the flowers sang colors that could not be described in words. The breeze carried a strange scent, as if it carried ancient secrets.

Ali walked carefully between the trees, and the closer he got to the river, the more colors and beauty became. The river was flowing calmly, as if it carried dreams and secrets. Ali sat on the edge of the river and looked at the clear water. There were strange creatures swimming in the river, as if they were dancing to the tune of the wind.

In the other dimension of the river, Ali discovered an abandoned palace. The palace was built of white marble, and the windows were decorated with stained glass. Ali entered the palace curiously, and the main hall was shining with a mysterious light. There was a great throne in the middle of the hall, and on the throne was sitting an ancient king.

The king looked at Ali with wise eyes and said: “Welcome to my private world.” You are the first visitor in centuries. What brings you to this world?”

Ali did not know what to answer, but he was ready to explore more secrets and adventures in this mysterious world.

In the green garden – Part Four

The old king sat on his throne, his eyes staring at Ali curiously. His white beard hung elegantly, and his clothes were decorated with strange patterns. “You are the first visitor in centuries, and I am happy to see you here,” he said in a calm voice. But I have one question for you: Are you ready for adventure?

“Ali,” he answered hesitantly, “Yes, I’m ready.” But what adventure awaits me?

The king smiled and held out a magic wand from the side of his throne. “This wand gives you the ability to see the past and the future,” he said. Carry it and follow the river until you reach the large waterfall. There you will find answers to your questions.”

Ali took the stick and headed towards the river. The trees were dancing around him, and the breeze carried strange sounds. He reached the big waterfall, and there things took an unexpected turn.

The waterfall was flowing powerfully, as if it held the secrets of time. Ali grabbed the stick and looked at the water. He saw images fading and appearing, as if he were watching events from the past and future. There were stories about kings and heroes, and events that changed the course of history.

In an instant, Ali saw himself in another place, in another world. Things were speeding up, as if time was weaving a new story for him. Will Ali be a hero or an adventurer? Will he uncover ancient secrets or choose to return to the ordinary world?

Adventure awaits, and the story is not over yet…

Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the story. If you would like more stories, feel free to request them. I will always be here to share more adventures and imagination with you

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