This seven-part series follows a Delhi police officer Kabir Malik (Sidharth Malhotra), who puts everything on the line to protect India’s national capital.


Rohit Shetty‘s foray into the web series realm with ‘Indian Police Force‘ brings the signature elements of his Cop Universe to the digital space. This seven-part series has attitude, style, showmanship, and star power as expected from any of Shetty’s offerings.The series kicks off with Shetty’s signature style—high-octane action sequences, gun fights, and car chases, keeping viewers engaged right from the beginning.
The show opens with a rather chilling scene where several blasts occur in the city, causing destruction and wreaking havoc on the lives of many. Similar to Shetty’s films, even this cop action drama unfolds with a thrilling cat-and-mouse chase between dedicated police officers Vikram Bakshi (Vivek Oberoi), Kabir and the perpetrators behind the attacks. They later join forces with ATS Chief Tara Shetty (Shilpa Shetty) in pursuit of a man connected to Gujarat blasts, leading them to Haider (Mayyank Taandon). The story unfolds with questions about Haider’s role as the mastermind and explores themes of radicalization and terrorism.
While the storyline may follow a familiar pattern of revenge and the exploration of radicalization, the series compensates with fast-paced developments and revelations. The co-direction by Rohit Shetty and Sushwanth Prakash, along with the writing team (Sandeep Saket, Anusha Nandkumar, Ayush Trivedi, Vidhi Ghodgaonkar, and Sanchit Bedre), sets up a promising narrative that keeps the audience hooked. However, the predictability of the storyline may disappoint some viewers who are looking for more surprises.
But ‘Indian Police Force’ scores big time with a couple of decent performances. Siddharth Malhotra’s understated and restrained act in the title role is a definite winner. With the usage of a profusion of cuss words, one is exposed to another facet of Malhotra.
The emotional nuances of Kabir’s character, including his relationship with his late wife Rashmi (Isha Talwar), are effectively captured, adding layers to the narrative. Vivek Oberoi’s promising portrayal of senior officer Vikram Bakshi and Shilpa Shetty’s kick-ass performance as ATS Chief Tara Shetty add depth to the ensemble cast. Shweta Tiwari shines in emotional sequences as Vikram’s wife, and Sharad Kelkar makes a notable impact with his late entry into the series.
The series features well-shot songs in Delhi’s historical monuments (Humayun’s Tomb, Purana Quila), adding to its visual appeal, although some may find these musical interludes slowing down the pacing. The background score by Amar Mohile blends well with the narrative. The cinematography (by Girish Kant and Raza Hussain Mehta) along with wide-angle shots of cities like Jaipur and Delhi, gives the series a Bollywood-style cinematic feel.
Despite the predictability in the storyline, ‘Indian Police Force’ is recommended for its novelty in delivering a high-packed action series in the digital space. The half-hourly episode format enhances its appeal, making it a worthy watch for fans of the Cop Universe and those seeking engaging content in the web series realm.
Watch Indian Police Force Teaser: Sidharth Malhotra, Shilpa Shetty Kundra And Vivek Anand Oberoi Starrer Indian Police Force Official Teaser

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